Lee Needham
Fine Art, Painter



Lee Needham, portrait of the artist


Born 1969 in South Yorkshire

Lived and worked in London and Brighton. recently relocated to Ibiza

Now lives and works in Ibiza

Fine Art graduate from Hornsey School of Art in 1992

Worked as a graphic designer and producer in interactive digital media, winning several awards and 2 Baftas

Artist Statement

I’m interested in exploring narratives that describe the modern environment and contemporary culture. I try to find, and present visual keys in my imagery that unlock something unexpected. I strive for simplicity, to describe the essence of an idea, a thing or place, but always try to allow the ‘medium’ a voice in the direction the work takes. I find that my background creating installations and interactive digital media has affected my use of composition, colour and juxtaposition and that this ultimately leads me to abstraction with the aim of heighting the impact and responses to the work.


Paul Cezanne - Per Kirkeby - Keith Vaughan - Milton Avery


'Arist Residency', San Joan de Labritija, Ibiza - July- on going 2019

'Arist Residency', Las Dalias, San Carlos, Ibiza - June- on going 2019

'Ibiza Artists', group show - Can Corinne, Carrer de la Mare de Deu, Ibiza - April-June 2019

'Commision', Park Walk, Kings Road, London - July-Oct 2018

Red Brick House, group show - Artist Open House, Brighton. May 2018

'Brighton Draws Men', group show - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton. Apr 2018

'Kemptown Artists come to Rottingdean', group show - The Grange, Rottingdean. Mar-Apr 2018

'Kemptown Artists', group show - The Grange, Rottingdean. July 2017

Red Brick House, group show - Artist Open House, Brighton. May 2017

'Consecutive Paths' - Badger, Brighton. June-July 2016

DAKS - Old Bond Street, Mayfair. Mar-July 2016

Windmill Collective, group show - Artist Open House, Brighton. May 2016

'Animal' group show - Naked Eye Gallery, Hove. Nov. 2015

Brighton Arts Fair - Corn Exchange, Brighton. Sept 2014

‘Following Lines’ - Merlin & Ellis, Brighton. July-Sept 2014

Claremont Hotel group show - Artist Open House, Hove. May-Nov 2014

Relentless group show - Artist Open House, Brighton. May 2014

‘It Bodies’ - Iydea Cafe, Brighton. Feb-Mar 2014

Naked Eye Gallery group show - Hove. Dec. 2013